Balkan Lloyd joinsTwig Logistics Network


 Balkan Lloyd  joins Twig Logistics Network


Further to its proactive  management philosofy to provide  top class services  on all ocean / air/ land routes Balkan Lloyd  is continuing to underpin top network solution on the major tradelanes.

Balkan Lloyd affective of 25 .Aug.2020 joined Twig logistics network , one of most advanced freight network offering wordlwide forwarding coverage. 


Twig is a group that gathers the most reliable independent freight forwarders worldwide. Combining innovation, full global coverage and top-class agents, our platform offers exclusive tools for you to improve your business' performance in the logistics market.

"Based in Brazil, Twig group was founded in 2013 after a year of market study and analysis of existing networks. During this time, we managed to identify the flaws and prepare specific tools and benefits to increase the communication overall between freight forwarders, allowing the expansion of the business and markets where our members perform" said   Mr.Guilherme Luz  - Managing Director 

Antonio Maev, GM at Balkan Lloyd, suggested the integration with world scaled network may have been partly driven by a surge in e-commerce soluitions (well developed at TWIG) as more customers and partners become interested at  online service options, with the platform friendly  for  bookings /quotes /tracking.

“Other main reason for the partnering with Twsig Members include an increase in just on-time reaction and support asked nowadays by clients instead of traditional day by(after) day delayed info flow, logistics business finally enters at developed digit IT scenario.” said Mr Maev.

Sourse: Twig/BLL

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