We know that managing warehousing and inventory operations are a big concern for your business. That's why Balkan Lloyd recently introduced our Warehousing & Inventory Management division as yet another core service we offer our customers. From the latest bar coding and hand-held inventory management technology to streamlining your warehousing efficiency, we'll work together to find the best supply chain solution for your warehousing operations.

If you would like learn more about how our warehousing solutions can work for you, ask your sales representative about this exciting new service or simply click on the link below to email us your warehousing request.

Inventory Management

We have the unique capacity to store and manage both bulk and packaged inventories. We offer a full spectrum of conventional and custom warehousing services. We invite you to inspect our excellent track record in helping our customers cut inventory losses due to spoilage and/or poor record-keeping.

  • Warehouses located at Port Areas, Free Zone Capacity, Customs Bonded Areas
  • Large capacity silos on site
  • Storages under roofВ  and/or open space
  • Contract logistics
  • Labor, management services
  • Computerized inventory management system
  • Crating for overseas and jet shipments
  • Retail and distributor support for regional and national markets



Choose from any or all of these services to save money and improve service to your customers!

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