Vendor Control

  • Entirely web-based application
  • Easy customer integration through EDI and XML through Quick Connect package
  • Order entry screens
  • Ability to check status
  • Order status reporting available through web
  • Customize and designate how order are to be handled (i.e. no backorders, routing to a particular facility, shipping method


  • Allocate orders
  • Update ship information
  • Close orders
  • Update delivery information


  • User maintenance
  • Client maintenance
  • SKU maintenance
  • Reason code maintenance
  • Location maintenance


  • Receive inventory
  • Adjust inventory
  • Hold and release maintenance
  • Print barcode labels
  • Print pick/pack list
  • Inventory moves
  • Lot management
  • Task managementŠ’
  • Override location reason code


  • Order report
  • Inventory report
  • Inventory activity report
  • Inventory availability report
  • Pick/pack list report
  • Packing list report
  • Purchase order report
  • Inventory on hold report
  • Inventory by location (including hold reasons) report
  • Cycle count/physical inventory report


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